Keypad Lock Installation Valley Village

This client asked Kardo Locksmith to place a keypad lock on the gate of their residential compound in Valley Village, CA. After being locked out a few times because of forgotten keys, they wanted a keypad system that was both convenient and safe. They also wanted a modern design that fitted the look of their property. 

We sent over one of our best locksmiths and recommended this Trilogy® T2 DL2700 from Alarm Lock. This cylindrical pin lock with a lever trim has encryption-based security to keep hackers out. It also has features like multiple entry codes for visiting family members and weather resistance to the area’s changing weather. 

When the client agreed, we arranged the keypad lock installation at their preferred time and day during the week. They also got a quick lesson on how to use the lock. In less than an hour, they got a smoothly operating keypad lock that balances ease of use with high protection. 

The Rise of Keypad Lock Installation

In the past few years, technological advances in home security have made our homes look like something from the future. The rise in popularity of electronic door locks is one of the most noticeable improvements. In the past, these digital marvels were only found in high-security areas or business buildings. But now they are making a statement on residential doors and gates nationwide. So why are people ditching the old key-and-lock method and jumping on this digital wave? Let us discuss why you should put a keypad lock on your gate.

Why Modern Homes Are Opting for Digitized Security

Improvements to Security 

Unsurprisingly, security is at the top of the list. When combined with encryption technology, keypad locks offer a level of security that is hard to break. There are no actual locks or keys to copy. Even better, most newer units have alarms that go off if someone tries to mess with them.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Everyone hates losing their keys or leaving them inside by accident. With a keypad lock installation, these problems are a thing of the past. You can access your gate as long as you remember the code. Some models can even connect to a homeowner’s smartphone, which lets them open their gate lock with a tap.

Seamless Entry Options  

Have a party planned? Are you expecting a family member to visit while you are away? With an electronic lock, you can give guests temporary access that you can change when their stay is over. That means you do not have to make copies of your keys or give them out. You can also monitor who access your property and when.

Functional and Stylish

Modern digital door locks are not only useful but also look good. Their sleek forms and simple controls make these units look great on any iron or wood gate. Their appearance can add a touch of sophistication and modernity to a gate’s curb appeal.

Long-Term Savings

A keypad lock installation may cost more upfront than a regular lock installation. Yet, it will save you a lot of money in the long run. There is no need to worry about replacing or rekeying locks if you lose your keys or experience a lockout. With sturdy construction and weather-resistant features, these locks last longer and need replacing less often.

Integration with Smart Home Systems

Many current home automation systems work well with keypad locks. That means connecting your gate locks to security cameras, lights, or smart speakers. Imagine that when you enter your code, the lights at your gate lock turn on instantly. With an integrated app, you may even get a message on your phone whenever someone enters your property.

A Sense of Security

Keypad locks have a lot of benefits, but perhaps the most important one is that they give you peace of mind. When you know your home is fully protected, you can feel more secure. Thanks to innovative technology, you can instantly change entry codes, and there are no physical keys to worry about.

Go Digital for Unmatched Safety and Convenience

As the world becomes increasingly digital, it makes sense that our homes would change to represent this. With all their benefits, keypad door locks are the next step in home security. Not only do they keep our most important places safe, but they also make entry easier. Traditional locks cannot match this combination of safety and convenience. If you want a modern, effective, and reliable way to keep your home safe, the answer could be right in your hands.

Keypad Lock Installation Near Me

Why juggle with keys when secure access is just a code away? Upgrade to the future of safety with a keypad lock installation from Kardo Locksmith. Experience the perfect blend of convenience, modern design, and advanced security with our trusted brands of electronic door locks for home or business use. 

Do not leave security to chance. Act now and fortify your home or workspace with the best in the industry. Call Kardo Locksmith today and take the first step towards a safer tomorrow!




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August 21, 2023

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