La Cañada Office Rekey

Rekeyed all door locks for an office building in La Cañada Flintridge.

Once you decide on contacting a commercial locksmith to fix your locks, consider rekeying office doors as you will be surprised to know it is a lot practical and inexpensive as compared to office key replacement.  When people try to set up appointments, they always ask which one is cheaper or more practical. The distinction between replacing your door locks and lock rekeying is that you get to save a lot more than purchasing new locks to replace your existing locks. Rekeying fixes your current hardware while lock replacement changes your existing hardware.

When an expert locksmith changes the pins in the lock itself, then that is the process of rekeying a lock. It makes the old keys previously used unable to function. This is ideal especially when you like your existing door knob and want to retain it in a less expensive safety resolution. After all, you still get your office building safe and secure as well.

You might not be aware but more and more people have copies of your office building as time goes by. The building maintenance team, the office manager, the janitors, security guards and others may have key duplicates and when these employees move out after being fired or retire perhaps, a new set of employees come in to access the building. This staffing change in your organization poses security threats. This is also a situation when you will need commercial locksmith services to ensure your safety at work.

There are situations that you need to rekey or replace your locks at the office building.  For instance, whenever a key has been lost at work, chances are, anybody from another building or someone who has bad intentions at work might access the office once everyone has gone home. The same condition goes when a key has been stolen as the manifestations to break-in when people are not around at work must be taken into consideration. Moving also to a new office space requires commercial locksmith services to protect your work space. These experts will assist you and respond to your office requirements depending on the situation. Lock rekeying is an option wherein you get to keep your existing door locks and still save for your business expenses while keeping it safe.  

We focus on your business security, as well as valuing your staff and their belongings, keeping your pertinent documents and your financial matters safe.  We offer commercial locksmith and security services to businesses of any range be it a small medium enterprise or a large scale business. 

Sometimes an office lockout happens and in such cases when you need to enter the office premises urgently due to a work deadline or a very important task you need to accomplish, or sign rush official documents perhaps.  Kardo Locksmith professionals are available always in providing an office lockout response.  

A full service locksmith shop like Kardo Locksmith will have the knowledge and expertise to rekey homes, office buildings, car doors, and vaults and safes. The best locksmith can definitely offer these services.We also provide new lock installation, lock repair replacement, broken key extraction, security upgrade, emergency lockout besides office rekeying. Whenever you encounter lock problems in your office building, trust our reliable commercial locksmith service to provide assistance as the need arises. Call us for urgent and emergency situations at work in La Cañada Flintridge CA. We can provide a free estimate and our professional locksmiths can guide you through the process and help you decide on which option to pick for your business.


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February 4, 2021

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