Lock Change Los Angeles, CA

Lock Change Los Angeles, CA

A valued client in Los Angeles, CA, reached out to Kardo Locksmith for a lock change on one of their interior doors. They opted for a lever lockset with both a keyed door lever for outside entry and a thumbturn for inside locking and unlocking. We sent a skilled residential locksmith right away to perform the lock installation, maintaining our commitment to efficient and timely service.

How We Did the Lock Change

Removing the Old Lock

The process started with the removal of the door’s existing lock. Our locksmith unscrewed and detached the old mechanism and handle, taking extra care to avoid damaging the door.

Preparing the Door

We then got the door ready for the new lever lockset. To fit the new lock’s size, we measured the door and made a few adjustments to align it correctly.

Installing the New Lock

Next, we installed the new lever lockset. Our locksmith expertly positioned and secured the lock mechanism inside the door and attached the lever handles on each side. We fitted the keyed lever on the exterior side while we installed the thumbturn on the interior side.

Testing the Lock

After installing the lock, we conducted thorough tests to ensure it worked smoothly, using both the key and thumbturn. We made any necessary adjustments to ensure the lock’s optimal performance and security.

Client’s Reaction

The client could not stop raving about the team’s quick and detail-oriented lock change. Their feedback highlighted the improved security and functionality of their interior door. Once again, we have proven our commitment to top-notch residential locksmith services in Los Angeles, CA.

Why You Should Use Keyed Lever Locks for Your Interior Doors

Have you ever thought about how to secure the doors inside your Los Angeles, CA, home? You might find that keyed lever locks are just what you need. When compared to regular knob locks, keyed lever locks are safer and more convenient. Imagine having places that only certain people can get into, like a wine cellar or a home office with private papers. When these doors have keyed lever locks instead of simple knobs, no one can just walk in. Being able to control who can get in gives you peace of mind and more privacy in your own home. 

Keyed lever locks are also very easy to use, especially for people who have trouble moving around. No more messing with knobs that would not move! These locks make things easier, like when you need to carry clothes or groceries or just want an easier way to open a door. Los Angeles, CA, homeowners who replace their interior doors with keyed lever locks do more than just make their home safer; they also make their living area more useful and easy to get to. So, why not change your locks today and see the difference yourself?

Lock Change Near Me

Looking to upgrade your home’s locks in Los Angeles, CA? Keyed lever locks are a smart choice for your interior doors. With Kardo Locksmith’s lock change service and lock repair solutions, you are in expert hands. Our residential locksmiths specialize in enhancing your home’s security with the latest locking mechanisms. Whether you need a new set of keyed lever locks or repairs to your existing ones, trust us to deliver prompt and efficient service. Call us today, and we will keep your home secure and your mind at ease.


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April 8, 2024

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