Lock Picking Silver Lake, L.A.

Lock Picking Silver Lake, L.A.

Kardo Locksmith recently helped a homeowner in Silver Lake, LA, who got locked out of their apartment due to a misplaced key. Our residential locksmith responded promptly to provide a quick and stress-free lock picking solution.

We carefully picked the lock using professional tools, ensuring minimal damage to the existing front door lock. This method allowed us to gain access without the need for a lock replacement.

Lock Picking Steps:


When our locksmith came, he carefully checked the lock and talked to the homeowner to get more information about the lockout.

Lock Picking

We used professional lock picking tools to move the lock’s pins and tumblers around. With precision and care, we carried out the process to avoid damage to the lock and the door intact. After a few attempts, the latch retracted with a slight push of the thumbpiece from outside.


We applied a special lock grease to make the lock work better and prevent problems from happening in the future. There was also information on how to maintain the lock to make it last longer properly.

Key Duplication

On-site, we made a copy of the key so that the owner would have one on hand in case of an emergency in the future. We did a lot of tests to make sure that the copy key worked perfectly with the lock.

Client Support and Feedback

Throughout the project, we shared proven methods for managing keys to help avoid future lockouts. From the assessment to making a new key, the lock picking process went smoothly, and the client was glad with how quickly we fixed their lockout situation.

Prevent House Lockouts: Simple Tips for Homeowners

Not being able to get into your house can be very annoying and stressful. To prevent a house lockout that needs the help of a locksmith, here are some useful tips to consider.

Spare Keys: Keep a spare key with a trusted neighbor or friend. Avoid hiding spare keys in places that are easy to find outside your house.

Key Copies: Have duplicate keys made and store them in secure places, like a secure key holder or a designated drawer.

Smart Locks: If you want to lower the risk of getting locked out, consider installing smart locks with keyless entry options.

Routine Check: Always check your pockets, bag, or vehicle before leaving to ensure you have your keys.

Key Lock Box Near the Door: To keep extra keys safe, put a key lock box next to your front door.

Reminder Systems: Set up reminders on your phone or use a visual cue near the door to grab your keys before leaving.

Professional Lock Assessment: Schedule a professional locksmith to assess your locks for any potential issues and ensure they are in good working condition.

Emergency Contact: For quick help in case of an emergency lockout, save the number of a reputable Los Angeles locksmith on your phone.

Remember that you should not try to pick a door lock on your own unless you have the tools and you know how to do it. When you need help with lock issues in Los Angeles, it is better and more effective to call a reputable locksmith service. Following these safety tips can make it a lot less likely that you will get locked out of your home.

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Ever found yourself locked out of your home? Do not let a misplaced key ruin your day! At Kardo Locksmith, our expert lock picking services are your key to hassle-free solutions. Whether you need a spare key or swift locksmith services in and around Los Angeles, we have got you covered. Regain control and peace of mind with Kardo Locksmith—where unlocking peace of mind is our expertise! Contact us now for reliable, professional, and prompt locksmith services tailored just for you.



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January 7, 2024

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