Lock Rekey Valley Village, CA

Lock Rekey Valley Village, CA

A business in Valley Village, CA, had an old steel locker that had been out of use for quite some time. They needed to reuse the locker, but some keys were missing, so they called Kardo Locksmith for the right solution. The first thing we did was check the state of the storage lock. Because the other locks were still working, we suggested a lock rekey instead of replacing all the locks. 

We removed the affected locks to get to the inside cylinder and replaced the old pins with new ones. After aligning the pins correctly, we put them back on in record time. We tested the new keys, which worked with the new lock mechanism. Much to the client’s delight, we completed the project earlier than expected.

Why Lock Rekey is a Game-Changer for Businesses in Valley Village, CA

Rekeying locks is not just for safety; it is also important for companies in Valley Village and beyond to stay flexible and ahead of the competition. When you call a commercial locksmith, they know what local companies need. Whether it is an old locker or the storefront door, the goal is to keep your business running by giving you the best options. Remember, a lock rekey is a new way to think about security.

Lock Rekey: Cost-Effective Solution for Lost Keys

Not every business has the same problems. And for one, in Valley Village, an old steel locker with a few missing keys was one of them. Like many others, they had resources or tools just sitting there. Sadly, pulling a switch to make them work again was not always as easy. However, the magic of lock rekeying came to their rescue. The cost to rekey locks is a much cheaper alternative to buying a whole new lock system. By changing the internal mechanism and giving out new keys, businesses can save money and keep their assets safe.

Quick Turnaround Time: A Business Savior

When running a business, you must be time-conscious in all that you do. Its operation cannot afford to be held up by such minor roadblocks. Our most recent project in Valley Village highlighted the financial benefits of rekeying locks. With a lock rekey, we changed the current lock’s mechanism to avoid the time-consuming lock replacement. This fix allowed the business to reuse its old steel locker without breaking the bank. A quick turnaround time makes sure that operations keep going smoothly. 

Enhanced Security Without Compromise

In the same way that businesses evolve, so should their security. This time, the missing keys could have been a security risk. However, rekeying the locks is a cheap and efficient way around this problem. The old keys become useless, and the business owners can rest easy knowing that only the new keys will work with the new lock. Thus, a lock rekey keeps their contract workers’ things safe and reduces the risk of losing or being unable to find the keys.

Commercial Locksmith Near Me

Have you ever had to deal with old locks or lost keys that put your business’s safety at risk? Why buy a whole new set of locks when you can easily fix the ones you already have? Your business will benefit from Kardo Locksmith‘s lock rekeying service. We ensure your lockers are safe and workable without replacing all the locks. Call our locksmith experts now to get quick and reliable lock rekey service.


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November 6, 2023

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