Lock Repair North Hollywood, CA

Lock Repair North Hollywood, CA

Kardo Locksmith solved a common sliding door locking problem for this North Hollywood, CA, resident. The problem was a loose aluminum handle, affecting the door’s locking mechanism and overall functionality. To see if a lock repair was in order, we scheduled a visit to the client’s residence to understand better and solve the problem.

Detailed Lock Repair Steps

Onsite Inspection

We carefully looked at the aluminum handle to see how loose it was and if there was any damage that went along with it. As it turned out, there were missing screws that led to the door’s locking issue. 

Removing the Handle

With the right tools, we gently took the handle off the door to keep it from further damage.

Straightening the Bent Screen Door Keeper

Upon closer look, we noticed the dents on the doorkeeper, which was causing the misalignment of the lock mechanism. Using pliers, we straightened out the keeper to its original position.

Aligning the Interior Handle & Lock Latch

It was necessary to realign the system with the interior handle and lock latch so that the lock would work properly and the handle would operate smoothly. We thoroughly tightened the screws to secure the handle and lock latch in place, preventing future loosening.

Lubricating the Lock’s Mechanism

We applied high-quality silicone spray to the lock mechanism for smooth operation and to prevent rust or wear.

Testing and Client Education

After a thorough test, the screen door slid smoothly, and the lock worked properly. We also gave the client some easy ways to keep their sliding door in good shape. This reminder included regular checks for loose parts and tips on how often to grease the door hardware.

Final Feedback and Assurance

We asked the client to test the door to make sure they were happy with the repair work. Then, we listened to their comments and answered any questions they still had so they felt safe and informed. We offered ongoing support for any future locksmith needs, showing our dedication to building long-term relationships with our clients.

Client’s Response

The client was very happy with how thorough and well the fix worked. They liked how our expert made things clear and dealt with them directly, which made them feel involved and aware throughout the process. They were also thankful for the care tips, which would help keep problems like this from happening again.

How to Get Your Sliding Screen Door Back on Track

Have you ever found yourself struggling with a sliding screen door that just would not glide smoothly along its track? It happens to a lot of people in North Hollywood, CA, because these doors get a lot of use in the warm weather. It would surely surprise you to get your sliding screen door back on track. 

To begin, look along the track for any dirt or debris that might be obstructing it. Often, a little cleaning will do the trick. 

If the door is still not moving easily, check the track for any damage or bends. You can gently fix the track with pliers. Lastly, make sure that you align the door correctly with the track. If it is not, you can fix the problem by lifting the door a little and putting it back on the track. If you follow these easy steps, your sliding screen door should be able to move smoothly in no time. This way, you can enjoy the weather in North Hollywood from the comfort of your own home.

Door Lock Repair Near Me

Is your sliding screen door sticking, or is your lock not turning as smoothly as it should? Do not let a stubborn door or a faulty lock hold your day off! Kardo Locksmith is here to bring ease and security back to your home in North Hollywood, CA, and surrounding areas. Whether it is a swift lock change or a comprehensive lock repair, our skilled team can handle all of your needs. Do not compromise on safety or convenience; let us restore your sliding screen door and locks with our expert locksmith services. It is time to slide and secure with ease. Contact us today for a free estimate!


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January 22, 2024

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