Lock Repair Valley Village, CA

Lock Repair Valley Village, CA

This business in Valley Village, CA, had a serious security concern with their facility’s door and turned to Kardo Locksmith for an urgent lock repair service. The mortise lever lock on one of their storage room doors was reported as faulty, posing a security risk to their workplace.

Our team went to the client’s site to address the issue right away. Our first step was to examine the lock mechanism thoroughly by locking and unlocking the door. Even with the door closed all the way, we could see a gap, indicating a problem. We further checked, and we identified that the root cause was poor lock installation. That led to the misalignment of the latch bolts and the strike plate.

Scope of the Lock Repair

Here is how our locksmith resolved the issue:


We began by diagnosing the problem and identifying the misalignment between the latch bolts and the strike plate as the main issue.

Lock Removal

The next step involved carefully removing the mortise lever lockset from the door to inspect and address the misalignment issue closely.

Adjustments and Reinstallation

We then adjusted and cleaned the internal parts to ensure proper alignment. After that, we reassembled and reinstalled the mortise lever lockset onto the door, making sure everything fit perfectly. 

Final Testing

To conclude, we conducted several tests by locking and unlocking the door to check if the lock repair was successful. With this simple fix, we resolved the gap issue, and the door locks securely this time.

Client Response

The client was happy with our swift and effective lock repair service. They appreciated how fast we identified and solved the lock problem, bringing security back to their storage room. This repair job gave them the peace of mind they needed, knowing their workplace was secure again.

Reasons to Repair a Misaligned Door Lock

Have you ever had trouble locking the door to your warehouse or storage unit because you thought the lock would not latch right? For business owners in Valley Village, CA, a misaligned door lock is not just a minor issue. It is a big security loophole. Fixing a misaligned door lock as soon as possible is very important. You can keep your inventory safe and avoid the extra costs that come with having to replace a broken door or lock later on. 

What about leaving a misaligned door lock as is? That is a gamble no business owner should take. A quick lock repair can help keep your workplace or building safe at all times. Plus, fixing these issues as they arise can make your doors and locks last longer, which will save you money in the long run. If you act fast to repair a misaligned door lock, it shows that you care about keeping your business safe.

Commercial Locksmith Near Me

Are you dealing with a misaligned door lock or thinking about rekeying locks at your Valley Village, CA business? Look no further! For all of your commercial locksmith needs, from precise lock repair to quick rekeying, Kardo Locksmith is the company you can rely on. Our 24/7 emergency locksmith is ready to tackle your security worries and keep your business safe, fast, and efficient. Do not let lock problems get worse and put the safety of your business at risk. Contact us today for a free estimate and experience great service. Get the peace of mind you deserve.


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March 25, 2024

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