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Locks are meant to keep our lives safe from harm and our valuable properties safe. Nobody even wants to feel paranoid thinking that anytime an intrusion might occur. A house cannot be considered a safe place to stay if it has no effective security systems. Sturdy residential locks should be installed in your front and back doors by reputable locksmiths as it will give you confidence and peace of mind even if you leave your premises or when you stay at home. You will have the opportunity not to be deprived of sleep and relaxation. Now the question is, how often must you change your residential locks and when is the perfect situation to change locks in your house?

One instance is when you lose your keys. Sadly, this often happens and even if you have spare, you will never have peace of mind thinking your security is breached. There is never an assurance that your keys won’t be found by someone who is vulnerable of being tempted to enter your premises. Residential lock replacement can make you feel secure. Stolen keys pose a serious danger rather than losing them. Stealing keys indicates the person has bad intentions to break-in your house. In this situation, it is best to contact an emergency locksmith for door lock replacement as soon as possible! 

For those living in old houses, you will notice your doors deteriorating over the years and the wear and tear of your locks is also to be considered. Old locks are hard to open so when that problem occurs, it is time to replace deteriorating door locks Remember that faulty mechanisms may easily be unlocked by intruders. Furthermore malfunctioning or obsolete locks have the tendencies for lockout which causes a lot of hassle to the homeowner. Emergency lockout locksmiths can rescue you in this situation so don’t hesitate to contact them right away. It is recommended that you replace your residential locks periodically through the help of seasoned locksmiths, every 3 years or whenever you see them being worn out or your security being compromised. Note that locks become outdated as technological advances on security varies through the years.

Sometimes you neglect your actions like when you give out your keys to a repairman, technician or service provider and they didn’t surrender it back. That is a crazy thing to do. You should never give your keys to a stranger. In this case, ask expert locksmiths from Kardo Locksmith for residential lock replacement is necessary as you can’t be sure who is planning to access your home. 

One wise move is to change your door locks and replace all the keys with only one key to access all doors to make life easier for you. Imagine struggling to find the right key to the right door in the dark? Worry no more as you can replace your existing locks and have just one key that unlocks all doors of your property so you don’t have to carry a bunch of keys anymore. A keyless entry system is also another alternative solution to make accessing your entry easier is to avail of a keyless entry system allowing you to enter your house door using your smartphone or fingerprint. Seek the advice of a reliable residential locksmith to respond to your needs.

Another reason to worry about replacing your residential lock is when you moved into a new house. You might not be aware how many copies the previous owner made and distributed to various people who may be strangers to you. Replace your locks for your family’s safety to avoid unwanted visitors or former tenants breaking-in.

Kardo Locksmith offers new lock installation, lock repair and replacement, lock rekeying, broken key extraction, home security upgrade, and emergency lockout services in Burbank CA.


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March 4, 2021

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