Locksmith Eagle Rock Office Rekey

Locksmith Eagle Rock Office Rekey

­Kardo Locksmith had an office rekey project in Eagle Rock, CA. The business manager called for an office rekey wit­­­­h an updated master key system since they had some new employees. We responded to their request for a locksmith Eagle Rock and scheduled a convenient appointment time as the business owner was looking for a commercial locksmith. We were able to completely rekey the offices and provided them with an updated master key system for their office location.

If you are a business owner, security should be your top priority. You must have full access to each access point in your building, and you need to control that access. A master key system offers multi-level access to the locks in your company. While a master key system can give you and other authorized persons the needed access to all entry points, it can also pose a security risk if implemented incorrectly. Your master key should be limited to those who need it, must not be duplicated, and compliant with other secure key management practices such as user-rekeyable locks, key tracking, and serial numbering.


A commercial locksmith will have the expertise to design a master key system. The system indicated which keys will work in particular doors. A master key system is useful because it allows you to control access. They allow you to designate and limit access to certain areas or assets. For example, you can give all keys the ability to unlock the front door while only granting access to an executive suite only for selected keys.


Once the master key system is written, you are ready to rekey. At this point, a commercial locksmith will spend time working on each door at your facility. This usually results in installing new cores in your existing locks and providing you with cut keys.

Rekeying is essential because it\\\’s where a master key system comes together. This means you need to take steps to ensure the right people will gain access to the right areas. Because if the keys are in the wrong hands, it doesn\\\’t matter how secure your key control system is.

To make sure everything goes smoothly, you need to do the following:

• Map out employee duties and access needs.

• Take precautions when granting access.

• Keep track of who has access where.


In general, the clearer your processes are, the less likely employees will be to comply with the rules. That is what makes employee training such an essential part of your new security key control procedures.

A great way to start a training plan is to create a keying chart. This will outline your key hierarchy, so you know exactly who has access to each level of security.

Then make sure employees know how the keys are used and where exactly they do and don\\\’t have access to.

Finally, every employee needs to know where to go to request new access. People\\\’s roles will change, and your original keying chart may expand. When employees understand the correct protocol for gaining new access, they are less likely to unintentionally break the rules and hurt security.

Wondering whether you need a master key system? It is an ideal option for any type of commercial building. Whenever you move into a new office building, get locked out at work, or your building security locks get breached, contact the best commercial locksmith technician to get your locks rekeyed and have yourself a master key system.  Our mobile locksmith service covers Eagle Rock and the surrounding area.  For reliable commercial locksmith service, contact Kardo Locksmith. Give us a call at (323) 999-2036 to learn more About Us.


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July 28, 2021

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