Locksmith Glendale – House Rekey

Locksmith Glendale - House Rekey

Kardo Locksmith had a house rekey project in Glendale CA.  The homeowner called for a house rekey and some upgraded locks since some people had just moved out.  We responded to their request for a locksmith Glendale quickly as the homeowner was looking for a residential locksmith.  We were able to completely rekey the house and provided them with more secure locks throughout their home.

To ensure that the previous tenant won’t have any access to the unit anymore, you should get the locks changed. Even if they surrendered their keys after they moved out, you are not aware they may have made copies or given extra keys to friends and their family. It is also essential to have the locks changed if the existing lock stops working properly. This could be quite an expensive undertaking taking into account that the whole lock system would be changed. Somehow, there is another way to secure your premises and your tenants as well. A less expensive alternative would be to rekey the locks of your house. Doing so would still give you peace of mind and the tenants would feel secure as well.

Well if you want to avoid spending money completely on lock replacement, have a residential locksmith rekey the lock instead. The locksmith expert would remove the lock cylinder housing from the knob assembly. Then he will take the retainer ring and cylinder plug out of the cylinder. Eventually, the colored pins from the cylinder will be taken out and replaced with new ones that will match a new key to function and access the lock. This method is faster and cheaper than replacing your locks.

The tenant moving out should be reminded of their responsibilities with regards to surrendering  the key. For the new tenant, they should also be compliant to the rules you will implement such as preventing them from duplicating the key. They should also be reminded not to leave the key around the compound where any stranger can find it. Most importantly, tell your new tenants to avoid tagging their keys with their names and addresses because that will lead the criminals to intrude. Don’t forget to include these policies in the lease.

There are some liability reasons to consider why there is a need to rekey the homes. In a certain case when an owner of the property lived there previously prior to a tenant moving in, it would be possible that a neighbor or a relative kept a copy of the keys. Looking back at how many tenants moved in and left the property, will really make you think and consider the security of your house for rent. So in order to lessen liability for the owners, it is crucial and significant to rekey the property. You wouldn’t want a new tenant to claim that a stranger entered and robbed their place. Rekeying is the best way to guarantee the safety of the tenants and give them peace of mind. Keep in mind that only the tenant and the landlord should own the key to the property.  Locksmiths can access the lock if a customer seeked emergency assistance.

For residential rekey services, call Kardo Locksmith as soon as you need emergency locksmith help with upgrading or replacing your residential locks when a break-in happens, when you want to upgrade your lock security, whenever you get locked out at home, some previous tenants moved out or new people move in, and whenever you lose your keys. Be sure to hire a professional residential locksmith to take care of your residential locks. Securing your home by lock rekey should be done as early as possible. We also provide rekey services for commercial locksmith and auto locksmith 24/7. We can provide strong door locks guaranteed for your convenience, greater security and fantastic value for your money. Kardo Locksmith is the name you can trust! Our mobile locksmith service covers Glendale and the surrounding area.  For reliable residential locksmiths, contact Kardo Locksmith. Give us a call at (818) 999-2036 to learn more About Us.


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June 15, 2021

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