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Rekey locks for a front door at a home in Glendale CA

When you decide to construct your new house, lots of people will have keys to the door such as subcontractors, real estate agents or inspectors. If you are a new homeowner, you would definitely find ways for these other people not to have access to your new home. Typically, builders would provide key duplicates to these people as part of the sales process though the real estate agent of the buyer should ensure it’s complete prior to closing the deal. Rekeying door locks is the smart move a new homeowner should undertake before moving into a new home. Kardo Locksmith can be your reliable partner to help you get through this. You will never know if the former keys have been scattered to so many strangers. The same case goes when purchasing an existing house because you need to start fresh before you move in and house rekey by expert locksmiths should take place.

On the other hand, if you decide to rent, examine your lease agreement for policies related to lock replacement as in most cases, you will be required to provide a key duplicate to the landlord once you have a door rekey. Lock rekeying means you get to keep your existing lock and just upgrade or obtain a new key. Kardo Locksmith will advice that this solution is efficient if there is no evidence of damage to your current lock. This action also enables you to designate just one single key to multiple locks.

Rekeying a lock is considerably less costly compared to lock replacement. Although there are lots of options for changing door locks, having it handled by an expert locksmith ensures a sense of security for your new home. For locks that are not damaged at all, rekeying just provides the peace of mind you need.  

There are various reasons why you can choose to rekey locks instead of lock replacement. A locksmith replaces the working key of your door lock by just keeping the same lock. Moreover, the lock is taken apart replacing some parts inside such as the key pins or tumblers. When key pins are replaced and rearranged so the previous key will no longer function in conjunction  with the current lock and a new key will be produced. To avoid additional charges when rekeying a lock, the existing matching key should be there. Once you lose your copy of your key and worry that somebody might discover it, or if you move into another house not being aware of who else had the keys, then the best option would be lock rekeying. Another case is when you need to match various keys of different locks to just one key alone for convenience. This however, would need all the locks to be of the same brand or same keyhole. 

It is less costly to rekey your lock instead of lock replacement since the price of key pins inside the locks are cheaper as compared to replacing your lock, you have to pay for all brand-new parts. In-depth knowledge is required in the rekeying process as well as possessing the appropriate tools which may be time-consuming and risky too. To prevent such risks from happening, it is smarter to call a highly trusted residential locksmith.

At Kardo Locksmith, we provide reliable residential locksmith service since our locksmiths are well known to provide prompt and professional residential locksmith services. Kardo Locksmith offers various residential locks solutions such as new lock installation, lock repair and replacement, lock rekeying, broken key extraction, home security upgrade, and emergency lockout services. If you’re based in Glendale, call us today to save the time and hassle of rekeying or replacing your lock!


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March 3, 2021

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