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Kardo Locksmith had a lock replacement project in North Hollywood CA.  The business called for an emergency rekey since their office door lock was broken.  We responded quickly to their request for a locksmith North Hollywood as the customer was looking for a commercial locksmith.  We were able to completely rekey their offices and provided them with more secure locks throughout their business.


It is always significant to ensure you focus on the way your business will operate so you can choose a lock that caters adequately to your commercial requirements. With a wide selection of types of commercial door locks in the industry, we will discuss this list to help you gain your footing pertaining to picking a commercial door lock. Consider the size of your office space and the daily in and outs of people working for you at the office.


It is always smart to contact a reputable commercial locksmith to know which lock to be used for replacement.  Each commercial door lock has different uses and features so it’s best to take note of the features relative to commercial buildings.  There are five common types of commercial door locks including Cylindrical lever locks, Mortise lock set, Biometric Keypad Door Lock, Panic Bar Lock, and Electric Strike lock,  to learn about but we will discuss only the first two for now. 


Cylindrical lever locks are manufactured for high level usage since commercial doors are more prone to high volume traffic.It is different from  push button lever locks which are another popular common commercial door lock type, but not all of them use a cylinder. Cylindrical lever locks can be operated with the use of a key or the combination of a key and a push button which is placed on the interior using the keyed end of the lock in order to determine who has access from the exterior. The inner and outer levers are the main components of cylindrical lever locks including the inside and outside rose, the latch, the chassis and the cylinder.


Mortise Lock Set is as popular as the cylindrical lever lock with the same features except that the strength and reliability of this lock is best used for commercial buildings considering its durability and consistency which makes it ideal for offices that have high volumes of foot traffic. This lock is durable based on the side of the bolts. Main features include the lock cylinder, lock body, strike plate, through spindle and lock handle. Rose plates can also be included on additional features as well as face plates, hard collars and switches.The deadbolt is housed within the lock body making it less accessible and more resistant to forced entry. Furthermore, mortise locks have higher cycle counts, which is due to the fact that its strength is based on how strong their internal components are, making the lock in use to last longer.

Hire a professional commercial locksmith to replace your commercial locks once you move into a new building for your business or a break-in at the office building. Generally, you might not be aware of previous owners, their employees and relatives or friends who had access to the building. You might not even know why they moved out or got thrown out of the building. Securing your business by lock replacement should be done as early as possible.

So whenever you get locked out at work or your building security locks get breached in North Hollywood, CA, contact the best Commercial Locksmith technician to replace all of the locks in your office.  Our mobile locksmith service covers North Hollywood and the surrounding area.  For reliable commercial locksmith service contact Kardo Locksmith. Give us a call at (818) 999-2036 to learn more About Us.


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June 5, 2021

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