Panic Bar Installation Studio City

Panic Bar Installation Studio City

The commercial building owner in Studio City, CA, recently called Kardo Locksmith to install a panic bar on the building’s emergency exit door. Our team was sent right away with all the required tools and part supplies. After a thorough check, our commercial locksmith installed the touchpad-style exit device in less than an hour. After the panic bar installation, we demonstrated how to use it. The client tested it several times to ensure it worked and passed easily. Confirming it was ready for action, we concluded this service call. The client thanked us for our fast response. They confirmed they would hire us again to install panic bars on other fire doors. Kardo Locksmith is humbled by our success in giving stellar service to this client. 

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to get out of a building quickly and safely? Whether in a fire accident or other emergency, we all want to make sure we can exit easily. That is why it is so important for commercial spaces to have panic bars installed. Panic bars are important to ensure people can get out of a building when needed. Here is a clear guide for business owners and facility managers about how panic bars should be used and what they should be made of.

What Is a Panic Bar?

A panic bar, also called an exit device, is meant to help people exit a building quickly and easily in an emergency. Panic bars are made so that anyone, no matter how strong or weak, can easily open a door and exit a building quickly in case of a fire or other dangerous situation. Usually, panic bars are put on doors used as emergency exits. These doors must follow building and fire codes to ensure safety. Panic bars can also help people with disabilities get around better because they are easier to use than traditional door handles. Overall, the point of a panic bar is to give people an easy and safe way to get out of a building in an emergency.

The Laws on Panic Bar Installation

Unless your business is very small and only a few people work there daily, you must have at least two fire exits. Larger businesses need more. The Department of Labor and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) check these doors often to ensure they work. And there are strict rules about how they must be installed and marked.

Panic Hardware Compliance Requirements

To pass the inspections, check if these three standards are met.

  • Panic doors must be able to be opened from the inside without a key. 
  • Their hardware must meet the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards. 
  • They must also meet other national, state, and local fire codes. 


Take the extra step and guarantee the hardware you install fulfills the fire ratings suggested by Underwriter Laboratories (UL). It will ensure the hardware works well in case of a real fire.


Panic bars are a simple but effective safety device for commercial buildings. They allow for easy and quick exit in an emergency, preventing injuries and property damage. When installing a panic bar system, it is important to ensure the components are high quality and the system is professionally installed. When things are done correctly, panic bars will provide added security and peace of mind to everyone who enters or works inside your building.

Commercial Locksmith Near Me

Are you searching for a reliable, proven way to secure your doors or exits? Do not panic because we have got your back. Kardo Locksmith is proud to offer professional and reliable panic bar installation services for businesses of all sizes. Our team of experts can quickly and easily install panic bars, ensuring your business meets all safety standards. We also fix and maintain panic bars, so you get total protection with absolute ease. With Kardo Locksmith, you can feel confident that your business in Los Angeles, CA, is in good hands. Call us now for free estimates.


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May 8, 2023

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