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Kardo Locksmith had a house rekey and lock replacement project in La Cañada Flintridge, CA. The homeowner called for a locksmith as they wanted to upgrade their locks for their house. We quickly responded to their request for a locksmith La Cañada as the homeowner was looking for a residential locksmith. We rekeyed the house entirely and provided them with new secure locks at their home.

It is a wise decision for the homeowner to choose a house rekey because it is way too costly to go through a complete lock replacement. A house rekey is a less expensive option that can reset rekeyable locks once you need to upgrade your lock security. Instead of buying a new lock and having it placed into the old one, you can just call a residential locksmith to rekey your locks in order to accept a new key. By doing this, people with the old key won’t be able to access the lock.

Should you get a rekey?

  • If you\\\’ve just moved into a home, it is a great idea to get a rekey. It is impossible to know to whom the previous owners gave a key. A rekey can erase that unease and cost-effectively increase security.
  • If it has been a long time since you\\\’ve moved in, it\\\’s a great idea to get new keys for your home or upgrade your locks! It can be hard to keep track of who has a key over the years. Increase your home\\\’s security with a rekey.
  • If your locks are as old as the house, rekeying them can help the key fit in the lock better and turn more easily, and a locksmith can tell you if a lock needs to be replaced, rather than just rekeyed.

The difference between rekeying & replacing a lock

Rekeying a lock – means the pins inside of the locking mechanism need to be changed out and a new key created. This is a less time-consuming process, and the door\\\’s handle and lock remain the same.

Replacing a lock – means removing the entire lock and handle mechanism and replacing it with one that is brand new. This can be a more expensive and time-consuming process.

Though it may sound complicated, rekeying is actually just a simple method to guarantee your safety. Inside different types of locks, the residential locksmith will just need to handle the little tumblers or what they call key pins. There are various lengths of key pins in a series which makes a key access the lock. Once all the key pins line up when a particular key is inserted in the lock, then the key functions to turn and open the lock. To make it simple, rekeying a lock means opening it up and reordering or replacing the key pins.

Kardo Locksmith offers residential rekey services when you need an emergency locksmith to help you with lock replacement when a break-in happens, when you want to upgrade your lock security, whenever you get locked out at home, some previous tenants moved out, or new people move in, and whenever you lose your keys. Be sure to hire a professional residential locksmith to take care of your residential locks. Securing your home by lock rekey should be done as early as possible. We also provide rekey services for commercial locksmith and auto locksmith 24/7. We can provide strong door locks guaranteed for your convenience, greater security, and fantastic value for your money. Kardo Locksmith is the name you can trust! Our mobile locksmith service covers La Cañada Flintridge CA, and the surrounding area.  For reliable residential locksmiths, contact Kardo Locksmith. Give us a call at (818) 999-2036 to learn more About Us.


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January 8, 2022

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